Criminal Laws
 Domestic Violence

This is the term given to the act of incurring violence or harm directed to one’s spouse (wife or husband) regardless of cause in one’s household. This is usually done to maintain control over an intimate partner.

Domestic violence can occur in various forms including:

  • Verbal insult and abuse
  • Physical hurt (slapping, kicking, punching, choking)
  • Damaging property in an outburst
  • Etc.

Felony is the word coined for grave criminal offences punishable by imprisonment for a year/years and even death, although penalties can vary from state to state, country to country.

To get a knowledge of the types of felonies in the New York state, refer to New York Felony


In New York, Misdemeanors are classified as:

Class A

  • second degree unlawful imprisonment
  • Third degree assault
  • second degree criminal contempt
  • second degree menacing
  • seventh degree of criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • sexual misconduct
  • sexual abuse
  • fourth degree criminal mischief
  • third degree stalking
  • graffiti, third degree bail jumping
  • third degree forgery, petit larceny
  • fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon
  • etc.

These are serious offenses and can hold up to12 months in a county jail.

Class B

  • Stalking
  • criminal mischief
  • unlawful imprisonment
  • bail jumping
  • criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • forgery, sexual misconduct, menacing
  • assault
  • larceny
  • graffiti
  • etc

They differ in the degree of severity upon commitment relative to those included in Class A. Those charged with Class B misdemeanors can suffer 6 months of imprisonment in a county jail

Crimes of lesser gravity than felony are termed misdemeanors.